TAT Solid Waste

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Eligible Participants

We provide service for residents of the Fort Berthold reservation, except for those living in the cities of New Town and Parshall. Contractors performing construction on the reservation are also eligible for service.

Areas Served

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The mission of TAT Solid Waste is to maximize resource value, while minimizing and even eliminating environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

Weekly Household Waste Collection (Residential Waste Collection)

We provide weekly household waste collection and containers.  We have two types of containers for household trash, red and yellow cans.  Yellow cans are for handicapped customers only, no exceptions.

Waste Containers

95 Gallon Containers are for in town customers, these containers are used for residential waste only.

3 and 6 yard dumpsters are for out of town or country customers. These containers are used for residential waste only. The size of dumpster a customer is given is based off household size.

These items are NOT ALLOWED in any of the containers distributed to you by TAT Solid Waste and will not be picked up:

Inert/Construction Disposal

We have an Inert Pit and Inert Roll Off which are used for disposing construction related materials.  The Inert Pit is located behind the main office in 4 Bears which is used for larger loads (trailers, dump trucks, semi, etc.) The Inert Roll Off/Metal Roll Off/Bagged Trash Roll    Off are located at the front of the office which are used for smaller loads (pickup, small trailer, etc.)

Please stop in at the office before disposing waste.

20 and 30 Yard Roll Offs

Roll Off containers are rentals we provide for the use of residential and commercial customers.  20 yard rolls are 4 feet high and 30 yard roll offs are 6 feet high.  They can be used for        construction or metal materials, but each will need their own roll off as they can NOT be mixed together.

Transfer Stations

A transfer station is a facility used to collect waste that will be transferred to its ultimate disposal site. TAT Solid Waste has three transfer stations located in White Shield, Twin Buttes, and Mandaree. Each transfer station has its own transfer tech to help and guide customers on   proper disposal. Customers are able to use these facilities to dispose of their household trash, inert, metal, and appliances. Transfer stations do not have inert pits; therefore, customers will need to take larger loads to the main office in 4 Bears.

Other Services

We provide disposal services for junk vehicles, trailers, campers, and boats. These items will only be accepted at the main office in 4 Bears. Please do not take to transfer stations.

If you have any junk vehicles you no longer need, please call the office and we will schedule a pick up. Campers/trailers/boats/etc., must be brought in by the customer, we will not pick up.